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Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - Volume I

This is the first and only compendium to be written of the Lives of Orthodox Saints of the British Isles. Covering April through June, this second of four volumes provides an enlightening guide to 160 of these inspiring and historic Orthodox men and women.

These saints were not only key figures in the development of the Church; they are an intrinsic part of the fabric of the history of the British Isles, and by extension the entire Western world.

As St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco reminded us, the West was Orthodox for a thousand years; he believed that in whatever land an Orthodox Christian found himself, it was his responsibility to venerate and pray to its national and local Saints. Orthodox Saints of the British Isles offers readers from all backgrounds insight into the importance of these righteous men and women. Filled with the Grace of God, from the most humble monks to the most devout martyrs and powerful kings, their faith influenced the development and spread of Christianity not just in the British Isles, but throughout the western world.

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